ja.do Swiper-Gallery-Slider WordPress plugin

Simply transforms the WordPress integrated gallery in a Swiper-Slider. Swiper is a great Slider from idangero.us. Very simple, fast and lightweight.

– full responsive
– touch ready (swipe gestures)
– transition effects (slide, fade, cube and coverflow)
– hash navigation*
– thumbnail navigation
– keyboard navigation
– loopable
– multiple slides in one viewport
– autoplay
– pagination count

*Hash navigation is intended to have a link to specific slide that allows to load page with specific slide opened

Usage example:

Just activate the plugin and handle the galleries as usual. Order the images, delete, edit or add some more images.

The plugin just transform the edited gallery to an Swiper-Slider.

Live example:

For questions please send an email to plugin@ja.do

Download the plugin here: Actual Version of jado-swiper-gallery-slider (Version 1.5)