Redesign corporate identity & logo

After several years it was time again. We have a new corporate identity for us, a new logo and a „different“ name?


We had previously communicated the jado brand with ja.do, as we assumed that this would help our customers to remember the domain www.ja.do better.

Unfortunately, we were wrong here, because many visits came via the search engines, or via the company profile on Google Maps (at that time still Google Business).


So we removed the dot from the company lettering and gave the whole a completely new design. Which better conveys the philosophy of the company, which is derived from our names of the heads and the „do“, the extraordinary way we are going. We have now visualized this path using simple lines and designed it as a logo.

Jado Webdesign Neues Logo
jado Logo – old vs. new

Funfact for „techies“: The logo has so only about 1500 bytes as SVG with its 4 lines!


We decided to completely remove the „green“ from the jado brand (only as a color 🌱💚) and use our secondary color (yellow) as the primary color. Everything else is mapped in white, gray and black tones to have the focus more on the content of the website.


While searching for fonts that would correspond with our new logo, we eventually came across a font that appealed to us very much (this font, with which this is written and the headlines).

Then one of our employees took the name as an opportunity to feel confirmed: Albert Sans – by designer Andreas Rasmussen from Denmark, which Andreas based on the Poppins font.

Silkscreen“ was then chosen as a further font, which makes a wonderful link to our history and decades of experience. The designer of this font, Jason Kottke, has also accompanied me with his blog for decades.

Silkscreen Typography


The design template is of course based on our jado Starter Theme which is currently available in version 3.1.

Special features are the interactive threejs application on the start page, and the map on the contact page, which is built with mapbox with its underlying request form.

Schmetterling Webdesign Threejs
Webdesign Threejs

Furthermore, we have decided to open up more to the WWWorld and to offer (almost all) content in English as well.