jado TeamAdvice & Action for the Internet

We are a small, flexible team specialized in designing and developing individual internet sites / web apps.

Decades of experience with WordPress and many other open source software components in combination with close customer contact let us quickly achieve optimal results.

People at mouse & keyboard:

Julia 02

Julia Rieger

Through the world with open eyes – for 25 years as a graduate graphic designer. Always on the lookout for the best form for content.

From design to product, from concept to website.

Bonus Skills:

Moving image, keep calm, attention to detail

Albert 03

Albert Augustin

At the keyboard for 30 years and happily working as a webworker and media consultant for over 25 years.

Owner of a journeyman’s certificate as a media designer and a diploma in media arts.

Bonus Skills:

Nimble fingers, good on his feet, optimistic

Freelance workAdditional needs we cover with:

  • Ameli Skripalle (Art Direction)
  • Marina Frei (Design – marinafrei.de)
  • Ulla Laser (Photography – ulla-laser.de)
  • Björn Maier (Illustration & Design)
  • Michael Pruckner (Photography, CGI & Image editing – michaelpruckner.com)