Category: Webdesign

Redesign corporate identity & logo

After several years it was time again. We have a new corporate identity for us, a new logo and a “different” name? Brand: We had previously communicated the jado brand with, as we assumed that this would help our customers to remember the domain better. Unfortunately, we were wrong here, because many visits […]

When is an element in the viewport

There is a relatively new way to easily see if an element is in the viewport (visible area) or not. It is a so called vanilla script, so it is pure JavaScript and does not need any external library. Now you can simply create a corresponding animation in CSS like this: Now the elements fade […]

Starter WordPress Theme from jado

The time has come, finally we found some time to work on our basic WordPress theme. Version 2.1 is finished. We have cleaned up the code (no more IE11 hacks) and added some great features (load Gutenberg via SCSS), improved performance and onsite SEO and much more. More information can be found on the WordPress […]

Vimeo Embed fullscreen CSS

When you include Vimeo in fluid responsive designs, WordPress puts it in an iFrame that enters some absolute default dimensions. This code snippet in the CSS allows you to extend this to the full width if Gutenberg is enabled and you have included the video via the Gutenberg Vimeo block. But here it depends on […]

Define your own image sizes

For various scenarios there is the possibility to define own image sizes. For example, you can differentiate preview images for the mobile view and the desktop view. All you have to do is copy a snippet like this into your functions.php of your WordPress theme and adjust it: This way the image will be cropped […]

Dashicons – the icon wonder weapon of WordPress

WordPress brings a bunch of nice icons with it, a little hidden but very good to use once you enable them in functions.php for the frontend: Now you just have to create a div or span in the DOM and assign two classes there: A very nice solution here is that the icons are integrated […]